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TN Report Fall Showcase

The talent level across the state of Tennessee is as good as you will find across the country. The goal of the TN Report is to provide every player the opportunity to gain interest and looks from college recruiters at their respective level.

This year, the TN Report gladly brings to you the first annual TN Report Fall Showcase. This event will take place on Sunday, September 18th with a location TBD in the mid-state area. This showcase is geared towards giving players who are NAIA/D2/D3/JUCO level athletes the opportunity to come in and showcase their game in front of college coaches. We will be accepting 80 players for this event and will be personally reaching out to players that are considered top level NAIA/D2/D3/JUCO level prospects. If you would like to recommend a player for this showcase, please have a high school or travel coach reach out.

We invite ALL NAIA/D2/D3/JUCO coaches to attend. We will provide FREE information packets to all college coaches. Please let Tim Lownsdale know if you will be attending.

The cost of the showcase is $50 per athlete. Each athlete will be assigned to a team with the opportunity of playing two regulation style games.

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